things i love lately

1. HGTV. I hid my shameful addiction to real estate purchasing and home design shows for so long (months) only to step out of the shower one day to discover Boyfriend watching ”House Hunters International”. for a second i thought i had accidentally recorded it and not deleted it after and he found it and was going to make fun of me but he found it channel surfing on his own and that is why i love him. It’s seriously the most progressive network on tv these days. So many gays! couples, decorators, agents, builders, home inspectors. They’re everywhere! You may be wondering why someone with a single-digit credit score and fondness for city life would be interested in HGTV but, a girl can dream can’t she?

2. My commute. More specifically, murals and architecture of downtown Seattle. This city has crappy graffiti but there are a lot of cool, legal street art pieces. One of these days I will see them while not commuting to/from work and take pictures for you. The buildings are also cool despite how spoiled i am by san francisco. Lots of exposed brick and iron and olde timey industrial feel. Oh and signs! Neon, painted and store front featuring attractive typography and icons. More visually pleasing than most grimy urban areas (obviously i am excluding the giant mall area populated by chain department stores and a plaza Boyfriend called ”juggalo island”.)

3. my roof. still. it has the best view ever and is in the top 99th percentile for drinking on during summer evenings. (it would be #1 except it closes at 10pm).


It’s also worth mentioning again how great it is that it stays light out till 10 and warm enough to only ever need a sweater at most and it will be a treasured memory when the rain starts and i slit my wrists.

4. Groupon and similar internet deal sites. It took a minute to get over the stigma of coupons but once Boyfriend and i realized we can finally try restaurants we would never be able to afford otherwise, we became obsessed. Thanks to a promo code on we now have about $200 worth of future date nights for only $10. Sweet. There were even some vegetarian options for him, one of which had a photobooth which almost made up for weirdly textured soy-based shredded not-meat flakes with buffalo sauce and a watery, sorry excuse for blue cheese.

5. I finally bought a blender. It is a fine friend for the basil plant that has been flourishing on our kitchen counter and I made some super bomb ass pesto last week that would definitely qualify as ”hella good.” I also made a smoothie today which would have been better with ice cream (or vodka) but combined fresh seasonal organic berries and locally made yogurt to transport me to foodie buzzword snack time bliss.

some honorable mentions go to the laundry room in our apartment building which has a fussy change machine but is the depository for ”stuff people don’t want when they move”. I acquired some prada storage boxes, a top chef cookbook, armani ties for Boyfrend and not completely hideous work pants. It is soul crushing to pay for slacks. I refuse to do it.
Also, other people’s dogs get a gold star always. I watched a scared pitbull refuse to get in the wading pool at a park earlier this week while his friend dog hung out in the water and tried to coax him in. It was pretty fucking cute.

get in the water buddy!

the end.

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another day, another dollar

As premature fireworks explode outside our window, it finally starts to feel like summer in Seattle. Slightly warmer weather, yet another bbq last weekend, beginnings of birthday plans…I think July might be my favorite month. 

I do however find myself missing some quintessentially summery things- vacation and camp, mainly. Rarely do I feel nostalgic for my formative years but three months off from school and running around in the woods for a few weeks with nothing to do but swim, pick berries, write letters and perfect my lanyard weaving skills sounds nice. I am particularly envious because the impossible has happened…I got a job this week. Waking up early to commute is rough and my feet hurt from standing at a desk and running around the spa all day but the timing couldn’t be better. I literally have $2 in my bank account and was starting to drive Boyfriend to panic attacks.

Only major downside is the no-visible-tattoos policy. Summer finally comes and now i’ve gotta stock up on long sleeves. Oh, life.

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oh, seattle

I have seen more of Boyfriend’s family this last week than my own family in the past year. Much as I love him, I am ready to be done. I also caught a cold while engaging in world cup mania at a friend’s house and kicking ass at trivial pursuit. I spent 2 full days sleeping and mildly hallucinating on benedryl before coming back to life, just in time to spend the weekend at a car dealership and cleaning things. Safe to say it’s been slow news lately.

One of the weirdest things about moving north is that days are loooooooong up here. The sun comes up around 5am and doesn’t fully set until almost 10pm. This picture is out our window around 930pm documenting ”sunset”. Today is the longest day of the year so I am prepared for alaska-level psychosis to start soon. Oh except we have yet to have more than one whole day of sun+warmth. I refuse to call this summer. Everyone keeps saying ”oh july 5th! wait until july 5th! it’ll be soooo hot and sunny then!”. Listen. If the weather won’t cooperate with the OFFICIAL first day of summer, i don’t think it cares when we set off fireworks and have bbqs either. Maybe seattle is just THAT alternative. We’ll see.

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cilantro tastes like soap

I hate caraway seeds. I hate them for the same reason i hate cilantro. You guys are trying way too hard to stand out. Why can’t you just blend in nicely with the other seeds in my morning bagel? I know you’re there. I can see you. You don’t have to overpower every flavor AND have the gall to get stuck in my teeth on top of it.

Fuck you guys.

You know what I don’t hate though?

fancy strawberries.

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the writing on the wall

Seattle seems to have way less awesome graffiti than San Francisco. While I ponder why that might be the case, here are a few i’ve seen since I got here:

VS. these from the month before i left sf:

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pictures are worth more anyway

my brain is all fuzzy from being angrily woken up by the trash/recycling monsters who came TWICE this morning to set off a nuclear sub alarm for some reason as they wildly threw incredibly loud metal containers around and made sure to go very slowly so it would take as long as possible…as well as thoughts of Boyfriend’s family who need them right now. So here are a bunch of pictures from the last couple weeks:

kitty, don't jump!

my mom drew this super helpful map to explain why we were in Oregon all the sudden

boyfriend fancy birthday dinner


blackberry muffins

i have no future in cake decorating

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